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Dimitrios Andreadis

Oral Medicine Specialist - Dentist

LASER and Stomatology

Lasers have been widely used in Medicine and Dentistry in recent years with great success. In oral diseases, there is documented literature on the use of lasers in the (complementary) treatment of various diseases such as lichen planus, chemomucositis, etc.

In Oral Medicine (Stomatology) we have already been using lasers since 2015. A more specific use of the laser helps decisively in the surgical removal of small tumor-like reactive lesions or hyperplasias in the oral mucousa, without pain, with minimal anesthesia and bleeding compared to classical surgery. The use of lasers leads to improved-short healing and even sometimes without placing sutures.

Despite the general opinion, lasers are not for every situation. The decisive point is the proper selection of the cases in which the laser can be useful, by a specialist in Oral Medicine (Stomatology). Great attention is needed to ensure that any laser-removed lesion is intact, without thermal damage, so that it can be safely sent for biopsy. In addition, there should be a careful control of the limits in which the laser is used, as the exact area of its action is not visible. Attention is also needed in the use of lasers for the excision of oral lesions related to micro-organisms (eg with HPV) to avoid their dispersion in the air/environment. For these reasons, the laser is often combined with the classic surgical biopsies and always with strong suction.

Generally, the manipulations of the medical staff should be careful to use special glasses, etc.

It should definitely be pointed out that ALL oral lesions that require removal, especially those characterized as precancerous or potentially malignant and those suspected of malignancy MUST be preceded by a correct diagnostic methodology with biopsy and histological-pathological examination in order to confirm the diagnosis.